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Hiromi Iuchi

Iuchi was born in Kagawa, Japan. Currently, Iuchi live and works in Tokyo and Kagawa, Japan.


Hiromi Iuchi's paintings are a reflection of who she is; intense, yet attractive. Her art simultaneously mixes the qualities of both the urban and the indigenous. - Nobuyoshi Araki

"The paintings by Iuchi are both a meditation on her immediate natural surroundings, as well as an attempt to give shape to a myriad of possible worlds and viewpoints." “Solid, liquid and gaseous states clash in a whirlpool of opposing and attracting forces, we could be witness to the millisecond after the birth of a new universe, or on the other hand the final collapse of a giant black hole that has absorbed all that once surrounded it.” -Morgan Betz

Artist Statement

"I am interested in meditation of Zen Buddhism. The goal of Zen Buddhism meditation is to get complete emptiness (selfless) mind. It is a philosophy of subtractions, On the contrary, now I am living in a world of addition. Therefore I try to find a balance between the philosophy of subtraction and the world of addition. The balance point of subtraction and addition is Zero, Zero equals enlightenment in Zen Buddhism. My works aim to be a process of meditation to get to a state of enlightenment of modern times"

When I went to Toufukuji-Temple in Kyoto, I saw the windows of enlightenment and confusion; the window of enlightenment shaped circle, the window of confusion shaped square. The way those two windows embodied the concept in perfect simplicity left me a big impact. Since then, the idea of enlightenment and confusion became an important theme of mine. Another big theme of mine is painting an original scenery. A transparent mirror swinging in between enlightenment and confusion, which broke and smashed into a thousand pieces reflecting all things in the universe. It's an encounter of moment and infinity, and the capturing of this image on canvas is a basic aim of mine. The purpose of "Mandara" and what I want to paint are very similar, however it seems impossible to systematically illustrate the truth of contemporary world, even if it was possible, it seems as if it would turn out to be false in the next moment of realization. What is the truth of the contemporary society anyway? The essential thing has always stayed the same in it's clear simplicity, however, the outer layer is too complex to paint under systematic construction. Therefore I rely on instinct and search for the truth in chaos. While painting, a prospect of the finished piece is unseen even to me myself, so I predict the path of the piece by using under drawing as a map, like putting puzzle pieces together, and fill colors on the map. When I catch a mere glimpse of the scene, I dig up the unknown scenery like an archeologist excavating, hoping that the unearthed scenery would be a mirror reflection of the world which are chaotic and dualistic, yet invariably beautiful.